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VALOR - Upgrade Set

VALOR - Upgrade Set

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Monk Customs presents: VALOR.

VALOR brings the meticulous hand-crafted Monk style to the wide world of airsoft with this one-of-a-kind upgrade set for HPA and AEG (fits V2 gearbox). VALOR's unique design is a testament to the artistry invested in every piece and crafted to be lightweight — ensuring agility without compromising performance. Tailored to fit individual preferences, VALOR upgrade sets are available in three colors: black, bronze, and green, and in three sizes: 6", 8" and 10".

VALOR comes as a complete package, containing the receiver, handguard, Monk Customs' new aluminium drop stock (including straight stock adapter), aluminium twisted outer barrel, selector switch, and front sight.

Eye-catching. Lightweight. Premium packaging. Everything you need to create your next build. 

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